Kim & Mike on Brilliance Balance Podcast

Writing a love letter.


There are so many connotations to that sentence. Maybe you picture a little kid writing two lines to the other little kid he/she has a crush.

“Dear Paula. I love you.”

Or maybe you’re picturing a long soliloquy that a high school or college student would write to the boy/girl of their dreams.

“Shakespeare was right. You are the east. You are my sun. I awaken every day knowing your beautiful smile will give me rays of light.”

But when you get older, the love letters often fade away. Too busy. Too old. Too sentimental.

Have you tried writing one to your parent? Even a parent who will never see it because they’re aging or sick or already gone.

My Mom has Alzheimer’s. She hasn’t said my name in years. When I visit her in Memory Care, she doesn’t recognize me and I have to tell her who I am.

“Are you my brother?”

“No, Mom. It’s me, Mike. Your son.”

She may not remember all of the great times we had, but I do. And writing about them can be cathartic.

Check out my love letter to my mom.

Try it and feel the emotion going through your fingers and onto the page. It can be written or typed. It doesn’t matter. What matters is the emotion that it can help you feel. Maybe it’s old memories that will make you smile. Maybe it’s emotional times that make you cry. Or maybe it’s something in between.

The key is to let those emotions flow.

It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

Writing a love letter to your parent is great any day of the year.

Just be you and watch the magic happen.