The Caregiver’s Key (physical copy)

The Caregiver’s Key – A Guide to Gathering Essential Information will give you a place to keep important facts, names and numbers you might need and some questions you didn’t even know to ask. It’s 74 pages with lots of room for extra information.

As you help your aging parents with doctor’s appointments, finances, making decisions or even their phone or computer, having information easily accessible can make the job much easier.  No more sticky notes or loose pieces of paper. You’ll have everything organized here to help them now and be better prepared for what might come. Sales tax is included. Only USA shipping available. Shipping is free. (If you’re in the Austin area you can pick up your copy if you’d like. Just let us know in the order notes or contact us.)

Once you add details, the guide will include a lot of sensitive and personal information, so be sure to keep it in a secure place.


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Caregivers Key pdf version

The Caregiver’s Key (digital version)

The Caregiver’s Key is also available in an editable, digital version. It’s the same information as in the physical copy, just fewer pages for note-taking.

It’s the first bonus for those who become Family Members. It’s currently only $95 for a year to “Join the Family” to get additional support and resources. To learn more about being a Family member click the button below.

Or if you’d prefer to just get the 47-page digital version for $15 just click the link below. You’ll be taken to Etsy for checkout and delivery of the PDF.