How to make summer vacations with aging parents enjoyable for everyone.  

Traveling with your aging Mom and/or Dad on summer vacation or any other time of the year can be similar to taking an infant or a toddler. Extra things to pack, more to plan and prepare and lots of safety precautions. But there’s still a great chance to have a good time.

Kim and Mike Barnes of Parenting Aging Parents talk to Jennifer Prescott of Blue Water Homecare and Hospice about how to prepare for a trip, whether it’s by plane or by car and how to manage once you’re there. She shares a handy TSA tip to help get through airport security.

Jennifer is a registered nurse and has a lot of experience, including taking her mother-in-law who has Dementia on family vacations through the years. She has lots of ideas and suggestions to help make the trip the best it can be.

*If you’re going on vacation without your aging parents there are other factors to consider. We talked to Jennifer in another interview about how to make sure they’re well taken care of at home while you’re away. Click here to see that that interview.