What do you do if your aging parents aren’t going on vacation with you?     

You finally get a chance to take a break from your daily or weekly caregiving for Mom and/or Dad. But how do make sure your aging parent is taken care of while you’re away? How easy is it to let someone else take care of them? Who do you look for? What needs to be done?

Kim and Mike Barnes of Parenting Aging Parents talk to Jennifer Prescott about how using Homecare, Respite Care or other options can help you enjoy a vacation. 

Jennifer is a registered nurse and owns Blue Water Homecare and Hospice. She has lots of ideas and suggestions for how you can make sure your aging parent is looked after while you get a much needed break.

*If you’re thinking about taking your aging parent with you on a trip there is planning and preparing that needs to be done. In a different interview we talked to Jennifer about ways to make the trips enjoyable for everyone. Click here to watch that interview.