Q&A with Attorneys Keith Leuty & Jeff Barnett, of Partnering Sponsor, Barnett & Leauty, PC. During this live Q&A with Family Members in August 2023 they answer legal questions about:
*Changing who’s listed first on a parent’s Power of Attorney when the other parent has been diagnosed with dementia *Preparing to apply for Medicaid * Parent won’t give POA and doctor won’t sign off *How an ally or attorney can help with difficult legal conversations *Types of Durable POAs * DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) – when you may or may not want one *Directive to Physician/Living Will *Medical Power of Attorney *Two types of DNR *How a Lady Bird Deed or Transfer on Death Deed works *Muniment of Title *Only four years to probate a will *HIIPA release when one parent has Alzheimer’s and other circumstances.

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