Transportation – it can be a winding road. A slippery surface.

Kit Chenault is a doctor who has been involved with “Drive a Senior” in Austin, Texas for many years. He shares his expertise with Kim & Mike Barnes, Parenting Aging Parents, as we navigate this topic.

 Whether your elderly parent is living with you or across the country, a quick search on the computer can find transportation options around the country. Here is a list of some we have found:

Austin – Drive a Senior

Houston – Senior Rides and More

Dallas – My Ride Dallas

Atlanta – Empowerline

Birmingham – Senior Ride

Pittsburgh – Allegheny County

Tampa – SunshineLine

Charlotte – Comfort Keepers

Nashville – Senior Ride

Milwaukee – Milwaukee County

Boise – Valley Regional Transit Senior Service Partners

Oklahoma City – RSVP Provide-A-Ride

San Diego – Volunteer Driver Coalition

Seattle – Metro Transit Senior Services

Nationwide: Envoy America