How does your elderly parent age in place? 

 When we think of “home care”, we’re usually referring to bringing in a caregiver to help an aging parent who needs some extra assistance. But we can’t forget that their actual home needs care, too! From routine maintenance to updates to make the home safer and friendlier for an elderly parent who might not get around as well, it’s all part of protecting the person and their investment.

Kim & Mike Barnes talk with Evan Ransome from Golden Home Management.
They discuss:
√ why caring for a senior’s home needs to be thought of as part of the ongoing continuum of care.
√ that home adaptations will not “ruin” a home, or make it feel like a hospital.
√ how not keeping up with general maintenance for years on end will impact the home value.
√ and why the earlier you start the better since it’s estimated 1 in 3 seniors who fall don’t ever end up going back home.

Golden Home Management serves families in the Austin, Texas area (Georgetown to Kyle to Lakeway), along with Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin.

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