Does your aging parent need hospice? They might benefit sooner than you think.    

There is a lot of confusion and many misconceptions about Hospice. One is that it’s only for someone in the last few weeks of life. But that’s not the case. It’s about maintaining quality of life.

So how do you know if hospice care is right for your aging parent — and what makes it different from Home Health Care?

Jessica Davis of Generations Hospice, a sponsor of Parenting Aging Parents, talks with Kim and Mike Barnes, to clear up confusion. They discuss what conditions qualify for which kind of care, when should you call in the extra help and what kind of care is provided by Hospice that’s different from Home Health.

Generations Hospice has a sister company, Generations Visiting Practitioners, that can assess potential clients wherever they are for both home health and hospice care along with providing primary care in home. They serve people in person in the Austin and San Antonio areas. Others in Texas can be served via telehealth.