Love Letter to your parent

Receiving a love letter is a special treat and that’s why in 2022 for Valentine’s Day we ran a special contest for our Parenting Aging Parents community.

It was a great way for the Parenting Aging Parents community to share why their parents mean so much to them.

Thanks to our friends at Flowers Flowers Inc. who gave a gift certificate to the contest winner.

Read below to see this year’s contest submissions from our group to see examples of love letters and check out this helpful article about How to Write a Love Letter to Your Parents from co-founder Mike Barnes.

The Parenting Aging Parents community exists to help people care for aging parents and maintain those loving relationships. Please contact us with any questions about our resources or becoming a member of our virtual community.

Your Love Letters

Janet’s letter to Mom

Dear Mom, I don't want to be maudlin, but I've been thinking about what I'd want to say to you if you were no longer here on earth.  You are still here, and I thank God for that, but ...

Carol’s letter to Mother

Dear Mother, And, you truly were a dear. I was the luckiest person in the world to be chosen to spend your remaining days with on this earth!  Each morning, when I’d bring you tea and ...

Tina’s letter to Daddy

Dear Daddy,If I wrote a love letter to you the way that you deserve, it would be so many pages long that it would be a novel! But l will be brief and try to honor you the way that you ...

Molly’s letter to Mom

Dear Mom, I consider myself incredibly lucky to be loved by you. You were an amazing mom to grow up with and learn from. And unlike some people, I never once doubted your love for me. ...

Susan’s letter to Dad

Dear Dad, As Valentine’s Day approaches, the memories of you crop up more frequently than usual.  Our shared birthday on Valentine’s Day is probably one of my sweetest memories of ...

Maurey’s letter to Mama

Dear Mama, In my 56 years I have not said “I Love You" a lot. Neither of us said it very much when I was young that I remember. I knew you loved me because you accepted me at 6 weeks ...