Discount for Silverts adaptive clothing


Silverts has been providing adaptive clothing and footwear for over 90 years to help men and women who have difficulty getting dressed. Their clothing and footwear are designed for seniors with physical disabilities, wheelchair users and elders with limited mobility who want to be able to get dressed without pain or struggle.

For adults who have Arthritis, Parkinson’s or other conditions that make it hard to fasten buttons or zippers due to loss of fine motor skills and movement with hands and fingers, materials such as VELCRO®, easy access snaps, side zippers and stretchy fabrics are used to help them dress themselves. Designs that open in the back or sides make it easier to help someone get dressed who is in a seated, standing or laying down position. And, some of the designs are created for those with Dementia or Alzheimer’s to help them stay dressed and not take off their clothes when they shouldn’t.

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