Special offer for Prismm


Prismm is a digital vault built to work during an emergency.

It’s a centralized portal that stores your most important documents, property & assets, and connections to financial accounts. It gives you quick access to these documents in case of an emergency.

Where’s mom’s Power of Attorney? Where’s Dad’s Medical Directive? Where are their wills? You can keep these digital files, along with other needed information in your Prismm account. This includes your digital copy of The Caregiver’s Key, our guide for gathering essential information.  

If you’d like to create a Prismm account, use the code “PAP” during checkout to save 30% off an annual account.  

If you are a Parenting Aging Parents Family Member, log into the member portal for an even better discount!


If you’d like to learn more about the importance of keeping necessary documents in a safe place that you can easily access, Kim & Mike Barnes of Parenting Aging Parents talk with Martha Underwood of Prismm.   Click here to watch the interview.

Kim & Mike Barnes interview Martha Underwood from Prismm