Aging Parents

Navigating the changes and the stages

Are you overwhelmed trying to find answers to help your aging parents?

Do you feel alone?

Could you use a support group for caregivers?

“This group is like oxygen for those of us out of breath caregiving!”

“In just a few short minutes, not only do I not feel so alone, but I also have ideas to act upon for solutions.”

“This group has been an incredible resource and safe space to seek insight, vent and share.”

When you’re helping your aging parents there can be so much confusion, so many unknowns, so much lingo – it’s hard to even know what to “google” for answers! 

We get it! Mike’s mom has Alzheimer’s, his dad is in his 80s and Kim’s mom is also in her 80s. It’s a journey we know others are going through, too. That’s why we want to provide access to experts, share resources and build a community so that we know the right questions to ask, what services and assistance are available and how to find them.

We also want you to not feel alone since being a caregiver can be challenging.

We are stronger together, so please join our private Facebook community so we can all get the support we need!


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We don't know what we don't know! This is especially true when helping our aging parents. We'll bring in experts to interview who can make sure we know what we need to know and the questions we need to ask.


We're all in this together! Caring for your aging parents can be challenging, but you don't have to feel like you're doing it alone.  Join us in our private Facebook group.


Where do you turn for help? This is a tough journey to navigate. We usually learn as we go. There are services and assistance available if we know what we're looking for.  We will look for resources and we can all share our personal experiences to help each other.

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