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Mom lives in a different city and needs someone to help her with her laundry or get to a doctor’s appointment. You’re out of town and Dad sounds lonely and needs some companionship. Dad overslept and missed lunch and you can’t find anybody to help him.

How many times have you been in a crisis like these? When this happens, the adult child can feel helpless and frustrated. But PAP partnering sponsor Swingby.care has found a way to put that adult child at ease with an easy to use app you can download for free from the Apple or Google Play App Store.  Use referral code “OOPIOO” to let them know you found out about it from PAP! 

Jeremy O’Bannon and Brooks Rhinehart of Swingby.care talk to Kim and Mike Barnes of Parenting Aging Parents about what their service can do for aging parents, how the app works and how a need for companionship helped inspire them to do this.