Janet’s letter to Mom

Dear Mom,

I don’t want to be maudlin, but I’ve been thinking about what I’d want to say to you if you were no longer here on earth.  You are still here, and I thank God for that, but sometimes I guess I just take for granted that you’ll always be with me.  I have never made a major decision or recovered from a bad one without your love, your prayers and your encouragement.  I don’t know how I’d function if I couldn’t count on that.

Today’s life patterns for us have changed.  I’m now trying to take care of you, but, even though you’re 96, I still look to you for answers to the big questions.

I remember when I was enrolled in a course called Marriage and Family Development. I would, during tests times think to myself, “What would Mom and Dad do?”  I made good grades in that class, and I thank you and Dad for the example of love and steadfastness that you lived before me day after day that gave me the understanding I needed.

You have been a near-perfect example for me in all kinds of ways, as a parent, as a sibling, as a friend.  You are loved by so many!  It’s not unusual for family and friends to think of you when they encounter a rough spot in life.  It’s not that you are an expert and likely to provide sage advice; it’s your never-failing, faithful praying.  There has always been that not-really-tongue-in-cheek comment that our family members would say to each other, “Ooh, that’s a big one!  I wish I knew the answer.  Have you asked Mom/Grandmother/GG to pray about it?”

Life has not been perfect for you, but you’ve made it good.  I remember when Daddy died.  You grieved deeply, but your faith in God never waivered.  Again, you were a perfect example to those who experienced such profound loss.  I remembered when Vince died.  We grieved together.  You lost your first “son.”  I knew I could survive if I just remembered your example.  I did my best, and God again was faithful.

Mom, there are many things I could say to tell you I love you.  I do try to say as many of them as I can, but, now, and when you’re gone, I want to thank you for being the loving, faithful example you’ve always been.

May God continue to bless you and answer your prayers.



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