What do we do when it’s unsafe for our aging parents to drive?

Taking the keys away from your aging parent isn’t always easy. But sometimes you can get help.

Sheri Gipson is the Driver License Division Chief for the Department of Public Safety in Texas. She talks with Kim and Mike Barnes of Parenting Aging Parents about what an adult child should do if they don’t think their parent should be driving anymore.

Every state chooses how to handle drivers licenses. Here is a list of the department that handles it in each state:

Alabama – Department of Public Safety

Alaska – Division of Motor Vehicles

Arizona – Department of Transportation

Arkansas – Office of Driver Services

California – Department of Motor Vehicles

Colorado – Division of Motor Vehicles

Connecticut – Department of Motor Vehicles

Washington, D.C. – Department of Motor Vehicles

Delaware – Division of Motor Vehicles

Florida – Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

Georgia – Department of Driver Services

Hawaii – Department of Transportation

Idaho – Division of Motor Vehicles

Illinois – Office of the Secretary of State

Indiana- Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Iowa – Department of Transportation

Kansas – Division of Vehicles

Kentucky – Driver Licensing Division

Louisiana – Office of Motor Vehicles

Maine – Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Maryland – Motor Vehicle Administration

Massachusetts – Registry of Motor Vehicles

Michigan – Office of the Secretary of State

Minnesota – Division of Driver and Vehicle Services

Mississippi – Department of Public Safety

Missouri – Missouri Department of Revenue

Montana – Department of Justice’s Motor Vehicle Division

Nebraska – Department of Motor Vehicles

Nevada – Department of Motor Vehicles

New Hampshire – Division of Motor Vehicles

New Jersey – Motor Vehicle Commission

New Mexico – Motor Vehicle Division

New York – Department of Motor Vehicles

North Carolina – Department of Motor Vehicles

North Dakota – Department of Transportation

Ohio – Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Oklahoma – Department of Public Safety

Oregon – Department of Motor Vehicles

Pennsylvania – Department of Transportation

Rhode Island – Division of Motor Vehicles

South Carolina – Department of Motor Vehicles

South Dakota – Department of Public Safety

Tennessee – Driver Services Division

Texas – Department of Public Safety

Utah – Department of Public Safety

Vermont – Office of the Secretary of State

Virginia – Department of Motor Vehicles

Washington – Department of Licensing

West Virginia – Division of Motor Vehicles

Wisconsin – Division of Motor Vehicles

Wyoming – Department of Transportation

Before you get the authorities involved, it’s great if a parent makes the decision to quit driving themselves. Click here for an interview with retired State Trooper Matt Gurwell. He works with older adults and their families to start and guide the conversation and decision.