When caregivers need a break.    

Your aging parent lives with you. You need to work or you need to run an errand or you have an appointment. What do you do if you can’t leave them alone? Or maybe your elderly parent lives alone and needs more care and social interaction.

There are options! You could hire a professional caregiver to come to the home. But if you’d like to give your aging parent a change of scenery and other seniors to interact with there are places that offer respite care or programs similar to the Day Care or Mother’s Day Out many used with their children.

Some churches and community organizations offer these types of programs. So does Town Square. It’s a Senior Day Center that takes you back in time. It has locations in Georgia, New Jersey, Maryland, Florida and Texas.

Kim Barnes of Parenting Aging Parents stopped by the new location in Austin, Texas for a tour with co-owner Elisa Reodica. This Town Square location is open to all seniors but specializes in Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care. They discuss the help services like this can provide, who benefits most and how they use reminiscence therapy to engage those with Alzheimer’s or other forms of Dementia.